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Brightcecilia is a network of classical musicians from around the world who meet online to discuss music, exchange ideas, publicise concerts, listen to music, debate new works, network, gossip and relax.

Brightcecilia members include professional musicians, amateur players, classical composers, music students, music academics, music teachers, instrument makers, music publishers, recording engineers, music writers and those simply interested in good music.

Brightcecilia is friendly, safe and free.

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Saint Cecilia

Brightcecilia Music Gallery

The Brightcecilia Gallery contains one of the largest collections of classical music images on the web, with pictures of over 1,600 Western composers, from earliest  times to the present. Members can browse the gallery, run searches, send ecards, and view the gallery in Cooliris or as a slideshow.

Brightcecilia Gallery
Brightcecilia Gallery - Matilde Capuis

Brightcecilia Forums

Members of the Brightcecilia Classical Music Forums discuss whatever they want, from Bach cantatas, to twentieth century minimalism, to a concert they've attended or played in, to what they ate for supper. The forums are friendly and free of the elitism which sometimes accompanies classical music. Members are treated with respect and consulted before major changes are made to the forum rules. The forums run on high-quality software from secure servers owned by a leading ISP. They operate within strict privacy policies to protect members' personal information and online safety. Anyone age 13 or over can apply to join.
Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra

Brightcecilia Features

Brightcecilia will publish members' articles on any classical music subject, the wider arts, and online technology. Current features include:

Brahms's German Requiem: promise fulfilled
Mahler's Sixth Symphony: hammer of the gods
Forum basics for SpaceBookers
Basta! Give us back our music!
Classical Music Forums
Graham Lynch: Undiscovered Islands: Review

To propose an article or submit material contact the features editor.

Brightcecilia Features
Brightcecilia Features - Brahms aged twenty

Classical Music Downloads

Brightcecilia hosts special downloads and scores with the permission of the owners. The Zelenka Obsession has made available a rare recording of Zelenka's 4th trio from the Z181 set.

Click to listen

Zelenka Score
Brightcecilia Downloads - The Zelenka Obsession

Classical Music Affiliates

Brightcecilia maintains links with numerous classical music sites. If you would like to link to or affiliate with Brightcecilia get in touch. Visit the Brightcecilia links page here.

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Brightcecilia Links - Boy with Cello

The Brightcecilia Project

"Brightcecilia is a community of musicians dedicated to bringing classical music to a wider audience. It endeavours to:

- Encourage living composers and the performance of little-known works

- Provide a platform for performers just starting their careers

- Give publicity to new music publishing houses and instrument makers

- Inspire amateur musicians and classical music lovers to play and experience all genres of classical music

- Campaign for young people from all backgrounds to have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument."

About Brightcecilia Classical Music Forums
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